Craft Beer Festival Productions (CraftBeerFests.com) has been in the event production business for over 15 years.  We are now focusing on craft beer festivals around Chicago and the Midwest. Here are a few of the Beer Festivals we are producing The Highwood Craft Beer Fest  at Everts park in Highwood IL,  The Grove Craft Beer and Wine Festival in Glenview Il and the Windy City Craft Beer Festival in downtown Chicago.
The growth of craft beer over the last few years has been amazing and the best way for people to try the many varieties is to taste them a Craft Beer Festivals.   We love producing beer festivals and we will produce great events in every city we visit. We will offer great beers that are fresh as can be brewed locally as well as great beers from brewers all over the country. We will have great live music and entertainment


We love producing events at beautiful venues both inside and outside that add to the experience of drinking a craft beer.   We always support local Chambers of Commerce’s, local charities and help them raise money and awareness for all the events we produce.   I hope you find an event near you, if not please let us know cities that deserve a great Craft Beer festivals that we should look into.
Please Contact us if you would like us to produce an event in your city.